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Kindle conversion? eBooks? Simples!

There are a lot of auto-converters available online, what could be easier? Well, your book may be readable but it won’t be designed like a good book is, and it won’t impress. Poetry? Now that is a whole new ballgame. Layout is critical: what do you do when the reader can mess up line spacing, word wraps and type size? I have spent a lot longer than you would probably ever want to, so I can use that experience for a lot of other people, whose work I understand and can present as well as possible.

You can increase your margins substantially by publishing in eBook formats. As more people use these devices, or emulators on their computers and iPads, the more the momentum will grow. Of course not everything is suited to this format, especially anything that requires a large page or specific layout design, but the other advantage is that for mainly text-based books and documents, a lot can be carried around with very little weight.

Corporate documents? Advisory files? Yes, eBooks often do work with PDF files, but the screens are small and the PDF remains unresizeable. Why not see if an eBook conversion would add to document availability without your users needing to carry a laptop PC (if they have one)? It isn’t the solution to everything, but it is a very light way to pass documents to certain end users.

It’s easy isn’t it? There are ‘converters’ and lots of advice (conflicting) on the Internet. Pick one up and away you go! Well, not quite. Designing for Kindle and ePub is a different animal. Based on web technology, it isn’t even quite that, and people like me use a lot of ingenuity to do some very ordinary things. But we do, and you don’t, and do you really need to learn?

I convert older books and new, with fresh design and make them available as digital items. Is that self-published novel just waiting for a Kindle version because the paperback didn’t sell so well, or bring enough returns?

Contact me and we can talk about what you need and what I can offer.