book publishing, eBook conversion and document services


An individual approach to personal publishing

The publishing world has never stood still. I was pushing technological boundaries over 30 years ago, before desktop publishing. Now you want to publish your book and see it both in print and on a Kindle or Kobo – or iPad.

I love good book design, but not for its own sake. For me ‘good’ means pleasing, appropriate and clear for the reader. I say more about eBooks on the other page, but always these principles apply. I work with many other designers for covers, or for illustration, when I know they are better at specialised things or need to move a job along.

I also love good books. I particularly write poetry too, so that is close to my heart. That means a good editorial eye and careful proof-reading are important for creating a quality work that is easy to read. The reader won’t notice of course, they just won’t notice glitches in spelling, grammar or layout, and your text will read smoothly.

  • assessment for potential
  • proof reading and editorial
  • complete book design, including cover
  • publishing under the Bramley imprint, with immediate presence on Amazon etc.
  • conversion to Kindle and eBooks
  • promotion of your title
  • a fair return on your sales.

You have more corporate requirements?

Books and manuals are not just for reading or being a resource: they are for communicating. If they don’t do that, mistakes are made along with errors of jusgement and inefficiencies. I have worked with academic texts, journals, research reports, technical manuals and training materials, and I understand the difficulties between technical or specialist people and end users and readers. If you are producing inhouse or trade documents for specialist audiences, or needing a fresh eye on research reports, I can help you.

You are a publisher?

Publishing, and editorial and design are quite different things. I also design and prepare books for other publishers for them to carry in their catalogues. If you need extra capacity, or you simply want the book production facilities for on-demand print or eBooks, contact me.