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Making corporate document production professional

If you had a single, straightforward ‘house style’ integrated into your office document software, you could save many times the cost of implementation in the first year alone, and free up time for better things – and look a whole lot more professional every time.

If you had an independent eye to proof-read and professionally edit your documents, might they communicate more clearly?

I can do either or both these things for you.

I spent a lot of time over my career working out how to speed things up without compromising on professional standards. I never believed in getting Microsoft Office (for example) ‘out of the box’, giving it to a team of employees and just expecting them to come up with an authoritative brand identity for the organisation. Nor did I believe in setting an expert department aside to ‘put things right’ before a document could be released to a client or to the public, or a PowerPoint presentation be delivered at a conference.

Of course you already know it’s something to do with templates and styles, and a lot is built in. But it isnít looking like your company or organisation, is it? It’s Microsoft vanilla, and everyone is using it differently, because there is too much to learn and know! Have you ever assessed the time that could be saved by making MS Office (or Open Office) actually work for you? All that time bringing different writers and teams together into a combined, consistent, professional document?

Believe me, you can save not just hundreds of hours of reworking and meet deadlines more easily, but produce clearly-styled professional documents that are impressive right from the draft stage. The impression you give your clients from the word go (that hastily put-together tender document on the Friday night deadline, when half the team were working away from the office?) really makes a difference.

I can:

  • take your regular documents, re-produce them to your brand, and/or
  • write copy with your professional staff, in an appropriate style
  • edit copy for readability and lay them out for best purpose
  • turn approved examples of documents into annotated standardised templates
  • supply with installation advice and training, and/or style guidance documents
  • produce PowerPoint templates and guidance notes for professional presentation
  • save you a lot on costs and raise your presentational standards, whilst
  • helping you to express your material more clearly.